Happy birthday, motorcycle!

Happy birthday, motorcycle!


Exactly 136 years ago, a self-propelled two-wheeled vehicle with an internal combustion engine was born. Hurray!

Self-run two-wheelers began to be produced in the sixties of the XX century, but weak steam engines were used on them, and the very design of those vehicles was based on bicycles. On August 29, 1885, the legendary German engineers Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach patented the first two-wheeled Daimler Reitwagen with an internal combustion engine (“a horse-drawn carriage with a kerosene engine”), the heirs of which later began to bring joy to people all over the planet. Not everyone, of course, but who cares!

The first real motorcycle was equipped with a 1.5 hp gasoline engine installed in a wooden frame and could accelerate to 12 km / h. The fate of this particular apparatus was tragic – it burned down in Daimler’s workshop in 1904. But a start was made.

For the 100th anniversary of the motorcycle, celebrated in 1985, a dozen popular replicas were built to participate in various shows and demonstrations in museums, including the Daimler-Benz exhibition in Stuttgart.

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