Hard F***k: the incident with the driver of the BMW

Hard F***k: the incident with the driver of the BMW


The man behind the wheel of the crossover BMW X5 showed the middle finger, passing the point of speed control on one of the trails of the district Upper Franconia. At this point, he exceeded the speed limit by 11 miles per hour. For an obscene gesture the German was fined 1,500 euros.

The middle finger is 26-year-old BMW driver, addressed to a police officer, caught in the lens of a surveillance camera. The guards gesture was not appreciated: the man was accused of insulting government officials.

In the end, the district court of the city of Kulmbach, Bavaria, ordered him to pay a fine, 75 times greater than the standard sanction for violating the speed limit, which in Germany is EUR 20. In addition, for the rude behavior of the Germans for a month banned from driving.


The speed limit on the section on which the man was driving, is 70 kilometers per hour. This limit is set in Germany on sections of rural roads close to intersections or exits on highways. At the same General speed limits in the country: on the autobahn it is recommended to drive no faster than 130 kilometers per hour, but the punishment for speeding drivers face only in that case they are responsible for an accident.

Last year, the Bundestag rejected the bill of the Green party on the introduction of speed limit 130 kilometers per hour on all highways in Germany – fast track left “unlimited”.

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