Harley-Davidson for seniors, girls and beginners

Harley-Davidson for seniors, girls and beginners


American motorostoitel Harley-Davidson is looking for a solution for heavy motorcycles. According to some patents the company’s engineers develop a self-balancing system for motorcycles that has a specific meaning. For many years H-D has done an excellent job of managing weight, but large motorcycles still remain bulky and heavy.

In motion weight plays no role, but at very low speeds or while Parking can be a little straining. In this case, the system sambalanco could significantly help and simplify management. The idea was to add a gyroscope to control balance. It’s not new. Widely used in gyrometer and gyroscopes.


The gyroscope rotates between 10,000 and 20,000 rpm thanks to the electric motor, which is mounted on the shaft. Speed sensors and tilt should limit the gyro so it does not affect normal driving at speed and did not stop to operate a motorcycle.

Experienced riders usually have no problem handling heavy weight motorcycles H-D without feeling much discomfort. On the other hand, there are old bikers (now the lion’s share of clients ‘ H-D), which could use some help. The system will also be relevant to women and beginners.

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