Harley-Davidson has created a new brand

Harley-Davidson has created a new brand


The Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle, which debuted in 2019, has now given a name to a separate brand. The all-electric LiveWire bikes will no longer be called Harleys, although they will be produced by the same company.

The LiveWire bikes are expected to target a younger audience that cannot afford premium Harley-Davidson models. Recall that for the one-of-a-kind Harley Davidson LiveWire in the United States, they are now asking from $ 29,799. For comparison, the new electric car Nissan Leaf in America now costs $ 31,670.

The first LiveWire electric motorcycle, which will not be named Harley-Davidson, will be unveiled on July 8th. To promote the new brand, the company will organize separate showrooms, and will also rely on online orders.

The most interesting thing is that the company does not refuse to electrify motorcycles of the head brand Harley-Davidson. It’s just that it will happen a little later, and based on technologies that the LiveWire division has yet to develop.

All of this looks like the bosses of the company, using the example of the 2019 LiveWire model, made sure that their technology does not yet allow creating electric bikes that meet the expectations of Harley-Davidson customers. Therefore, the latter were left with their traditional models, and on the basis of the new brand they will begin to tighten their technical solutions to the required level.

Previously, the company created a separate brand for its electric bicycles. They are now branded as Series 1.

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