Harley-Davidson introduced the engine is a monster

Harley-Davidson introduced the engine is a monster


Company of Milwaukee showed the world its new V-twin 131-inch crate engine (“motor out of the box”), which is designed for Touring models after 2017 release. Large volume and power of the engines from Harley-Davidson was not.

This giant that looks like a piece of modern tekniikasta called Screamin’ Eagle Milwaukee-Eight 131. The numbers in the title indicate the displacement in cubic inches, equivalent 2147 CC Is the largest and most powerful engine Harley-Davidson for highway motorcycles, which you can replace “normal” units Milwaukee Eight bikes on the line Touring. New set of bolt-on, that is, without any additional alterations, and target an audience that wants to get more high-speed unit capable to give a good kick with cruise speeds – after all, it develops 123 HP and 178 Nm rear wheel. By the way, these settings are almost entirely correspond to those of the new engine Indian PowerPlus, under which the Assembly Harley-Davidson certainly showed.


Screamin Eagle Milwaukee-131 inherited Eight 114-millimeter piston stroke characteristic of the standard Eight Milwaukee 114, having a 109 mm diameter cylinders. He also has a modified four-valve cylinder heads, a camshaft with Cams that provide a higher valve lift, diameter increased by 1 mm, and more efficient injection system 64 mm throttle, forged pistons, new intake and exhaust system with mufflers Screamin’ Eagle Street Cannon. The compression ratio increased to 10.7:1.

Unit with air / oil cooling will cost 6195 dollars, and a modification of the liquid cooled cylinder heads – 6395 dollars.

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