Harley-Davidson Nightster: Sportster’s second breath line

Harley-Davidson Nightster: Sportster’s second breath line


American motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson has registered a new trademark “Nightster” in Europe.

Why is this so important? The fact is that the Sportster line has ceased to be sold in Europe, unlike the United States, where you can choose between Iron 883, Iron 1200, Forty-Eight. The Sportster lineup is clearly going through hard times. It’s hard to imagine Harley-Davidson letting one of the most iconic model lines just disappear and become history. The registration of the Nightster trademark hints at the manufacturer’s desire to develop the Sportster line on the contrary.

There is little official information at the moment. Not too long ago, the manufacturer also registered the 48X trademark, which could be a potential name for one of the new H-D Sportster.

Slightly more interesting is the name Bareknuckle that H-D registered earlier. There was speculation at the time of registration that the Bareknuckle name would be applied to the Bronx streetfighter, but the manufacturer changed its strategy after the CEO change last year, so the Bareknuckle could easily become one of the new Sportster bikes.

There are more guesses than facts, so we look forward to further news.

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