Harley-Davidson noted the decline at the end of 2019

Harley-Davidson noted the decline at the end of 2019


2019 challenged the whole of monopropylene. Even India, as the most highly-paced and rapidly expanding motorino in the world, was not immune from the downturn. Some motorostoitel (e.g., BMW) managed to finish the year on a positive note, thanks to growth in Europe. Others noted the decline. Harley-Davidson announced the report for last year.

In 2018 Harley-Davidson suffered greatly due to the increase of tariffs for export to Europe. The manufacturer partially bypassed them using the plant in Thailand. In 2019, work continued on the restoration of the image and development of the lineup that did not save the company from further decline. In the 4th quarter sales of motorcycles, accessories and clothing fell by 8.5 percent, revenue fell from 955.6 million (Q4 2018) to 874.1 million dollars.


In US sale H-D in decline for the last 12 quarters. However, there is hope. Not everywhere sells less. In Asia and the Pacific regions have recorded growth of 2.7 percent. The American manufacturer has also started to cooperate with Chinese giant Qianjiang to release molokopodobnye motorcycles – the first is expected in late 2020. According to the plan, by 2027, more than half of the profits must come from sales abroad, not in the United States.

In the US manual H-D plans to continue the electric revolution. Soon will premiere two new models: the scooter and the tracker. In 2020 it is also planned the premiere of the first of curandero H-D Pan America as well as sports-oriented bike Bronx.

Sales growth, despite the big plans, is not expected before 2021…

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