Harley-Davidson sell all for 650$

Harley-Davidson sell all for 650$


The novelty of the American company Harley-Davidson will be equipped with a motor.

The managers of the company in 2018, has described the expansion of its model line. They noted that the new format will attract many new customers – this will significantly increase total sales. The American company has decided to manufacture transport for children. She bought in March a company StayCyc that specializiruetsya on children’s edition with electric motors.


The other day Harley-Davidson introduced two versions of the children’s velobike. They were given names IRONe12 and IRONe16. The versions differ only in the different size wheels (12 and 16 inches), and motor power.

Both children’s electric motorcycle have three driving modes, configure them the parents of the owner of the bike. The modes are called: training, standard and advanced. In training mode a small child will not be able to accelerate faster than 8 km/h, in the standard can not develop a speed more than 11-12 km/h, and in advanced mode the speedometer will stop within 14 or 17 km/h (depends on the version of children’s velobike). The battery charges in just 30 to 60 minutes.

Version IRONe12 designed for children 3-5 years of age. The bike weighs about 7 kg, and height from ground to seat is approximately 33 centimeters. IRONe16 designed for ages 5-7 years. Has weight – 8.6 kg, and height of the seat reaches 43,1 cm

Harley-Davidson has already started to accept orders for new items. The cost of baby “Harley” is 649$ for the 12th and 699$ for the 16-th version.

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