Hatchback Audi A1 citycarver distinguished clearance

Hatchback Audi A1 citycarver distinguished clearance

Compact sitikar A1 Sportback has received increased permeability, although he has the name of the Allroad, like the other soft-of rodero. The modification was given a new name – Citycarver.

As the name implies, A1 Citycarver is a true city car, but in case of need ready to storm and steep terrain. This provides additional ground clearance A1 Citycarver 5 cm, caused by a combination of a raised suspension and large wheels, whose diameter is 16 inches.

Exterior A1 Citycarver has undergone some changes – the car was the underbody protection and steel elements front and rear, plastic wheel arches and a massive sidebar. The grille also has an octagonal shape corresponding to the design of the Audi SUVs.

The color palette for A1 Citycarver includes 9 exterior colors, and Audi offers contrasting roof in black or metallic Mythos gray metallic Manhattan. Also, buyers can request a hatchback with the S Line package that adds a roof-mounted spoiler, large wheels, and a few other add-ons.

Audi has not released the complete information about technical characteristics of new items, but the company noted that the selector driving modes will be available individually or using the Dynamic package, which adds adjustable dampers for the suspension. We also know that the most powerful engine in the current range of A1 is 2.0-liter inline engine with a turbocharger, whose power is 200 HP and the torque is transmitted solely to the front wheels.

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All model A1 is equipped with a 10.25-inch fully digital instrument panel and a second screen for information and entertainment. Its diagonal is 10.1 inches, and an entertainment system represented by a complex MMI Navigation Plus. Management can be performed by using the screen, buttons on the steering wheel or voice commands.

A1 Citycarver have several of the advanced electronic assistants driver. These include adaptive cruise control, collision warning with detection of pedestrians and cyclists, warning of the exit lanes and Parking assistance.

It is known that the new Audi A1 Citycarver will not be available in the U.S. market, whereas in other car markets, the model will appear in autumn 2019.

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