Haval H2. It is better Sportage?

Haval H2. It is better Sportage?


Every test-drive of Chinese car becomes either an attempt to prove that the auto industry of China “was able”, or a demonstration that the “purchase “Chinese” to think is too early.” We don’t want to go this is largely biased by and therefore the new “Chinese” in our test is always a mystery, always a story with a clean slate. Today’s story is about Haval H2.

Down with the stamps, which have all become boring! Try to objectively see just how efficiently assembled the cabin, the materials used for the upholstery, what equipment is proposed. Driving the car on a lift and figure out how much rust is already there (or perhaps quite the opposite) and how successful the design of the suspension of this crossover. Talk about the 1.5-liter turbo engine, the handling, and how to Haval you can go, and how you shouldn’t.

The main thing – remember that each car – expensive, cheap, well known brand or not – it is always about compromise. That something all-good, and other parts could be better. And Chinese cars in this respect – not an exception. Therefore, as in most cases, the question is only, do I have to pay the balance of qualities that offers Haval H2. Input the price of crossover – 16 $ 700, for a maximum configuration need to pay 19 $ 900.

The answer to the question look at the video. Pleasant viewing!

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