Haval H9 will be connected to the socket

Haval H9 will be connected to the socket


Prior to that, the Haval H9 engine range included only gasoline engines and diesel engines.

The prototype hybrid Haval H9 can easily be confused with a regular SUV sold in Chinese car dealerships. In terms of the exterior, these two cars are identical. The main visual difference can be found in the cabin: the drive mode selection washer has received an additional EV mode, which is responsible for the transition to one electric traction.

The hybrid setup itself is still a secret. Local portal Autohome does not exclude that the hybrid can be unified with the WEY Mocha SUV. This means that a two-liter turbo engine, an electric motor and a lithium-ion battery are responsible for the performance of the car.

On one electricity, the hybrid H9, which can be recharged from the mains, will travel about 200 km. There is no information yet when the new product hits the market.

Under the hood of an SUV, there are two-liter gasoline and diesel power units with a return of 218 and 190 horsepower, respectively. 8АКПП works in conjunction with them.

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