Head of Bugatti said about the new model “every day”

Head of Bugatti said about the new model “every day”


The management of the company Bugatti is considering issuing new, more practical models for everyday use. This is with reference to the head of the French brand Stephan Winkelmann according to Autocar.

“If we are talking about a second Bugatti model, I am convinced that it must be a vehicle not only to drive on the weekends. This machine would be for daily use and to serve a completely different purpose than Chiron hypercar,” said Winkelmann.

Earlier it was reported that the Bugatti talks with Volkswagen about the possibility of developing a new car could become more comfortable and affordable alternative to “Chiron”. According to preliminary data, Bugatti planned a four-seater electric Grand-Tourer or SUV priced from 500 thousand to 1 million euros. At the moment, the Bugatti produces about 100 cars a year, however, the new model will allow to increase production volumes to 600 – 700 cars.


In September 2019 Winkelmann said that the company would like to see in the range car, which in concept is closer to a crossover than a traditional supercar. Earlier in the Bugatti repeatedly stated that the company will never release a SUV. However, Winkelmann has noted that this does not mean the rejection of the development of a new car with a high landing position and a more spacious interior.

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