Head: service Hyundai

Head: service Hyundai


In the opinion the fault of the smart Parking system Smaht Pahk.

In the advertising campaign for its new sedan Hyundai Sonata, South Korean carmaker particularly mentioned the self-Parking Smaht Pahk. Yes, the new 2020 model year may Park themselves, but…

Now, Hyundai admits that its development system Smaht Pahk, there is a small flaw that can lead to the fact that the machine just can’t stop at the right time.

Obviously, this represents a security risk, so Hyundai is Recalling more than 12,000 cars.

Park feature – technically called Remote Smart Parking Assist (RSPA) is set to the Sonata sedan 2020, and the “h” crossover Nexo 2020 model year. At the time of this writing it is unknown the exact relationship of the models to each other, but according to rumors, the vast majority of “problem” cars belong to the model Sonata.


What is the specific problem? According to the National administration of safety of traffic of the USA, “software RSPA may not prevent movement of the vehicle when a fault is detected in the system RSPA”. In the event of any system failure, the vehicle may continue to move without control, instead of the default to stop. The automaker is unaware of any injuries or accidents caused by this issue.

Hyundai identified a small part of computer code as the cause of the problem, and to remedy the situation will have installed new software. The automaker will begin notifying dealers and owners of affected vehicles on June 4 of this year. It is obvious that the owners wouldn’t pay for upgrades ON their cars.

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