Helicopter Crash Caught On Camera (Extended) Korea

Helicopter Crash Caught On Camera (Extended) Korea


Subscribe: This helicopter crash was caught on camera during one of our segments. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured.

The best race of Top Gear Korea season. The race about to start. The Cobra is spinning it's propeller. Oh wow, I feel more tension than on any other Top Gear episodes. The Cobra is right next to me. In the car I can feel it. The car is shaking really hard. Two of the most popular brands in America are about to race. Two icons. Corvette and Cobra. Their race will start soon. I will go to the start line. Itís time to start. Ready. Oh! The car is moving. It seems like it's right above. Go! Cobra seemed to start slow… Wow. The Cobra is following me really fast. I am not sure where the Cobra is now. Hairpin Corner! I need to reduce my speed… But itís same for Cobra. Right? That Cobra is really fast! Where is it? OkayÖ calm downÖ.road is really slippery. It's right with me. More… More… I can see the finish line! I can see the finish line… But I canít see it! (The Helicopter) I finally beat the Cobra! But… Right after that, something happened… What should we do? what should we do? Nobody expects the crash. Are the pilots okay? As you can see, we couldnít proceed the race anymore because of the crash. Thanks to God, unbelievably, bothpilots are fine.

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