“Hell-cat”: the sound of 666-horsepower Jaguar – “the fastest SUV in the world”

“Hell-cat”: the sound of 666-horsepower Jaguar – “the fastest SUV in the world”


The car is nothing like deeply modernized F-Pace SVR, able to accelerate to a record for a production SUV 322 kilometers per hour.

For the first time about the crossover Lister talking in the spring of 2018. However, when he was called LFP (F Lister-Pace). Now the model is called Stealth, but it’s probably the same car. The source data has not changed: 250 copies, five-liter compressor V8 under the hood and the application for “maximum speed” 322 kilometers per hour. And according to this indicator, Lister Stealth crawls and Bentley Bentayga Speed (306 kilometers per hour), and Lamborghini Urus (305 kilometers per hour). Acceleration to 60 mph (97 kilometers per hour) at the “Lister” is 3.5 seconds.


The movement of the crossover results in an upgraded 5.0 V8 with a mechanical supercharger. On the original Jaguar F-Pace SVR it produces 550 horsepower and 680 Nm of torque. But Lister Stealth his return will bring to 666 the demonic forces (BHP) that in metric units corresponds to 675 horsepower. Most likely, the crossover from Lister will also get retuned vosmidiapazonnoy automatic and lowered suspension.

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