Hell on Wheels (Video)

Hell on Wheels (Video)


A burning car is always terrifying, but a very spectacular sight. And our today’s video is the apotheosis of both.

The service video recorder of a police officer from the small town of Fayetteville, Arkansas, was hit by a flaming van with a trailer. And yes – exactly at the moment the law enforcement officer arrived at the scene, the car “took off” from the parking brake and rapidly rolled down the street, almost crushing a passer-by who was watching the fire.

Without serious consequences (of course, not counting the van completely destroyed by the fire), there was only a lucky coincidence: there were no people or buildings on the way of the flaming “drone”. In addition, the gallant officer Harris single-handedly wielded a fire extinguisher until the arrival of fire brigades. Considering the windy weather and the burning fragments of the car flying in all directions, it is difficult to overestimate the actions of the policeman.

According to the fire department of the town of Fayetteville, the preliminary cause of the van’s fire was overheating of the catalytic converter (this, in turn, could be caused by malfunctions in the power supply and ignition systems – approx. Motor1). Morality? Carefully monitor the technical condition of your car and even more attentively than before, look around when driving through intersections, even when driving along the main road. You never know what.

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