Hennessey will build a six-wheeled electric hypercar

Hennessey will build a six-wheeled electric hypercar


Hennessey will release three new models in the next decade. And the first of these will be Project Deep Space, a $ 3 million, six-wheeled, electric hyper grand tourer. The powerplant for the electric vehicle will be developed in collaboration with Pennzoil and Cosworth engineering Delta, and will begin production at the Sealy, Texas plant in 2026.

As conceived by John Hennessy, Project Deep Space will turn the concept of electric hypercars on its head. The car will receive three axles, six electric motors and four seats, arranged according to the 1 + 2 + 1 scheme. The first three seats will be installed here, as in the McLaren F1 or GMA T.50, and the passenger farthest from the driver will be assigned the world’s first VVIP class seat (from the Very Very Important Person). It unfolds horizontally and is as comfortable as seats in business jets.

The Hennessey hyper grand tourer will be based on a lightweight carbon fiber monocoque. The outer panels will also be made of composite. The manufacturer promises expensive finishes, gull-wing doors and the fastest spurt from standstill to 200 mph (322 km / h). Hennessy says they’ve long been limited by “mechanical hook”, but six wheels and electric motors should solve that problem. Project Deep Space is calculated to have 50 percent more tire-to-road contact area than a four-wheeler, which means performance will “be incredible.”

Hennessey Special Vehicles will partner with Shell Pennzoil, which wants to use the hypercar as a testing ground for the development of innovative fluids and lubricants. The power plant will be designed by Delta Cosworth. The company already has experience in electric drive design and even has its own Delta E4 demonstrator.

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