Here is a perfect “Seven” BMW

Here is a perfect “Seven” BMW


Poland put up for sale the perfect BMW 7-Series 1992 issue with a range of 776 km. More than twenty years from 1992 to 2015, the sedan was kept in a heated room from a German BMW dealer.

In the spring of 1992, this BMW 740i E32 were ordered at the German representation of the brand by the buyer from the UK. However, the owner pre-order, died before managed to get the sedan. The dealer kept “seven” for 23 years, waiting for the heirs to claim their rights on the machine, but it never happened.

In 2015 BMW 7-Series was purchased by the current owner. In five years, the sedan drove a total of 776 kilometers and remained in a state of a new car.


The paintwork is not damaged, body and chassis parts no rust; interior is intact, original Pirelli tires, brake discs and pads. Feature for sale of instance – seat covers and door cards in blue cloth.

Under the hood BMW 740i E32 petrol 286-horsepower (400 Nm) atmospheric V8 volume of 4.0 liters. Engine combined with a 5-speed automatic transmission and rear – wheel drive.

At the moment BMW 740i estimated at 7805 euros, but the auction will continue for another three days, so the stakes will increase. Probably for a great sedan can get at least 45 thousand euros.

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