Here’s what the new Ford Mondeo looks like for China?

Here’s what the new Ford Mondeo looks like for China?


New generation Ford Mondeo photos have appeared in the database of the Ministry of Industry of China. The model looks unusual: it is noticeably larger than its predecessor and looks more like an Evos crossover for the local market. According to preliminary information, the next Mondeo will be offered a 238-horsepower 2.0-liter turbo engine, and the model will be produced at the Ford-Changan joint venture in China.

Initially, it was assumed that the Mondeo will change the form factor, however, judging by the pictures, this is still a mid-size sedan. In terms of dimensions, it surpasses the model of the previous generation: the length has increased by 14.5 centimeters, and it has added 2-3 centimeters in height and width. The wheelbase has also grown: now it is almost three meters, that is, almost 10 centimeters more than its predecessor. At the heart of the next Mondeo is the front-wheel-drive architecture of the Ford C2, the same that powers the aforementioned Evos crossover.

Photos from the Chinese Ministry of Industry show the car in a two-tone body with a glossy black roof and black struts. The rumors were confirmed: the serial Mondeo of the new generation has got retractable door handles and exterior mirrors with thin legs. There are no pictures of the interior yet, however, according to insider information, the Chinese will be offered only rich configurations with a three-piece 1.1-meter display of the infotainment system.

As for the European Ford Mondeo, it will be discontinued in the spring of 2022, and in the USA the production of the model (where it is sold under the name Ford Fusion) ended in 2020.

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