Heritage Customs Vintage supported the conciseness of the Defender with decor

Heritage Customs Vintage supported the conciseness of the Defender with decor


Atelier Heritage Customs from the Netherlands calls itself a carchitecture studio because it focuses on aesthetics, inviting customers to customize their cars to suit a wide variety of tastes. This is the latest example of their work – the Heritage Customs Vintage Moon Dust SUV, a restomod based on the classic Defender 90 V8.

The specimen is called Moon Dust after the paintwork chosen for the project with a special matte metallic sheen.

Defender supplied the Defender with a radiator grille, headlight surrounds and air vents in milled aluminum, a bespoke front bumper in black, custom footrests, full LED optics, wide 16-inch steel wheels with BF Goodrich tires, and redesigned the glazing.

Note that the past Defender had several different “eights” under the hood in history. But now we are talking about a car produced in 1984, which means that we are dealing with a Rover V8 3.5 petrol engine (136 hp, 253 Nm), and in this sample it is assisted by a “mechanic”. However, the Dutch left the technical part of the SUV unchanged, but they worked on the appearance and interior. The rear “deck” of solid smoked oak stands out in particular.

In the interior of Defender, the atelier used quilted alcantara and black leather, emphasizing that it is “not automobile”.

Vintage Moon Dust has already gone to the customer who paid 79,500 euros for this tuning. An interesting point: the owner of this Defender deliberately asked to leave some damage on the body of the source as a memory of past trips. In general, Heritage Customs specializes in Defenders and recycles both the classic ones, which are named Vintage, and the modern ones, which are called Valiance. They will also receive unusual body paint and interior trim. It can take a month and a half to complete a specific order, which is pretty fast.

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