High-tech interface in Lucid Air (video)

High-tech interface in Lucid Air (video)


Lucid posted a video showing how the onboard interface elements work in the Air electric sedan. The complex itself, called Lucid UX, includes several advanced touchscreens at once.

The driver’s 34-inch display called the Glass Cockpit is divided into three parts: the left one is responsible for adjusting the head optics, the central part displays the instruments, and on the right are the touch keys for navigation, media and communication functions.

Through the Pilot Panel – the touchscreen on the center console – the climate system is adjusted, and it is also easy to transfer interface elements from the driver’s display here. If the screen gets in the way or is not needed, it can be removed to the front panel by pressing one button.

Functions are also controlled via physical buttons and even a smartphone (Lucid has developed a special application for this). The manufacturer also pays attention to a technological audio system with surround sound like in a cinema (waves are directed in horizontal and vertical planes). It not only provides superior sound quality, but also improves interaction with electronic assistants. For example, if a passenger does not fasten his seat belt, he will hear a signal from the side of his buckle.

Serial Lucid Air will start shipping later this year. Buyers are offered various power plants with a capacity from 408 to 1080 hp. The most productive variant will be able to pick up speed of 97 km / h in 2.5 seconds, and the long-range one boasts a power reserve of 832 km.

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