Holiday car commercials. Superbowl

Holiday car commercials. Superbowl


Never heard of Superbowl? Does not matter, because American football is not that the most popular sport in Ukraine. “The big game” (as they call it event) – the final battle of two football teams competing for the title of winners of the championship of the National Football League (NFL) in America.

But more interesting for us is that this event in the United States can boast the status of a sports show with the biggest rating hits. “Big” is a relative term, so here’s a more accurate records: the 2018 Super Bowl was shown in 170 countries, his stream looked 103.4 million. In other words, the “Great game” is the largest platform for advertising.

Automakers, of course, do not miss the chance to boast of their innovations, technology, history or just be reminded of how amazing they were. For these commercials, they create whole stories celebrity, in short, spend a lot of money. All for us they were a pleasure to watch. Well, let’s do that, because the 2020 super bowl took place yesterday, Sunday 02.02.

Jeep. Bill Murray once again experiencing a “Groundhog Day”

It just so happened that this year the final match for the champion title was held in Groundhog Day. The FCA decided to use this coincidence to new way to rewrite history, which we saw in the film of 1993, where the main role was played by bill Murray. This time the hero Murray experiences the same day over and over again (locations and music taken from the original film), that’s only because of their bright Jeep Gladiator pickup truck every day, unlike the original script, he loves. Like the Groundhog, actually. By the way, in the same video was “marred” and the bike is all Jeep.

Toyota. Superpower supercasanova crossover

For advertising Highlander was invited Kobe Smolders (the main heroine of the series “How I met your mother”). She plays a loving mother (with good features), which comes to the rescue at the right time. In front of us play four miniatures, reminiscent of the most dramatic scenes of blockbusters where the main characters sacrifice themselves to save others. Donate because of transport that can escape from danger, more no place. But here comes a big one (that is able to accommodate all of the) Highlander, and the heroine of Smelters again saves the day. Family crossover, period.

Hyundai. Parking now no problem

Two friends (Chris Evans and Rachel Dratch) watch the man behind the wheel of the sedan. The poor man can not Park between two cars. Ceasing to try, he leaves, but immediately comes another (John Krasinski), a man familiar couple. The characters of Evans and Gratch surprised him with a brand new Hyundai Sonata, but that he is also trying to Park. What hero Krasinski responds only with a smile and pressing on the stick, and… a Remote System Smart Parking Assist is activated and (without driver inside) a fully self-driving car between the other two.


An unexpected feature of videos is the emergence in the end of the movie legends of the baseball team Boston Red SOx David Ortiz. And how the main characters of the movie speak. They bring Boston accent to the extreme, everywhere is inserting the “h” instead of “r”. It turns out that the Sonata is equipped with “Smaht Pahk”.

Audi. A bright future for the electric car

If you watched “Game of thrones”, then just remember Maisie Williams, who played Aria stark. If you (or your kids) watched the disney cartoon “the Cold heart”, then maybe you remember the song with the words “Let it go”. Well, now you only have to imagine how Maisie Williams, getting on the electric vehicle E-Tron Sportback in traffic, listening to the forecast on global warming and watching from the exhaust pipes of large American cars belching smoke of burned gasoline, sings “Let it go” (“Let it go”). And then passes lourido, gas station, repair shop for engines and (probably) naftovogo magnate, continuing to sing and alluding to the fact that it is here all the time to “let go”.

KIA. Other side of the coin

The KIA brand has gone a completely different way. Instead of humor, skits and songs – a true story of a man who was severely tested and survived. Talking about Jamie Jacobs, the player Las Vegas Raiders (American football player), which is part of their childhood, was homeless. Slowly moving behind the wheel of the crossover KIA Seltos, he talks with the boy that we know him (but that others who were in the same situation). Says to believe in yourself, to be stronger than the world’s toughest around. “Make an effort to become someone. And I promise that one day you become”.


Message KIA to prevlech attention to children without a roof over his head. Part of the money collected during the Superbowl, will be donated to three charitable organizations. In the previous season (2019), the brand has begun a scholarship called “The Great Unknowns”, which allows to obtain a higher education. Then was presented crossover KIA Telluride.

Porsche. Accept the newcomer into the family

Video from the German brand of sports cars rich in very good… sports cars! It would seem that it was obvious from the beginning, but the fact that the writers decided to hook the viewers and number, too (whereas in the videos of other manufacturers before us – only one car). In the end we have a chase on the set of “classical”, that is, DVS-tion for a new Porsche (with approach), electric Porsche Taycan. The feeling experienced by the drivers of the two vehicles, does not deviate. Not to mention the fact that Taycan it could contend with gasoline Porsche speed cornering. Summary: Taycan adopted into the family.

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