Hollywood rests: drift with explosion at military training ground (video)

Hollywood rests: drift with explosion at military training ground (video)


World Drift Champion Won Gittin Jr. posted a video in which he performed extreme stunts with his Team RTR team. The drivers made a pair drift on a buggy, and also effectively jumped over two Ford Mustangs.

The extreme video was filmed at the Panthera Tactical Training Facility, located in West Virginia, USA. This area is intended for practicing maneuvers when simulating the conduct of hostilities by American military personnel. However, this time the landfill was used in a different scenario.

At the beginning of the video, the racers set up a pair drift along narrow flattering paths in an Ultra4 Racing 4440 Ford Bronco. Then, with the help of a springboard, the athletes drove onto a country road. After that, two Ford Mustang RTRs appear in the frame, which also performed a joint controlled drift along the asphalt section of the landfill.

At some point, one of the buggy pilots joined the sports cars. After a triple drift, the Ultra4 Racing 4440 momentarily detached itself from the Mustangs to jump over sports cars with a springboard as a series of powerful explosions took place.

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