Hologram for Geely: how will the car amuse the owner?

Hologram for Geely: how will the car amuse the owner?


The Chinese presented the AID system a couple of days ago. This abbreviation stands for Aerial Intelligent Display.

The new AID system is capable of producing crisp 3D images. Moreover, the holographic assistant performs some of the functions for which the center console screen was previously responsible. As conceived by the developers, over time, thanks to this technology, it will be possible to establish a “dialogue” between the driver and his car, which will increase road safety.

The new system, proposed by Chinese specialists, is not similar to those projections that are found in other automakers. Those systems work only if there is a transmitting surface – a windshield or a special screen.

The AID system does not need a companion: the image is created in the air. Moreover, the quality of such a hologram was made high enough so that it could be seen without breakdown even on a very sunny day. Moreover, the size of the picture can be adjusted.

The AID system will show the driver the speed of the car, tell you about the driving mode, travel time, and will also take us the role of a navigator.

The hologram will be able to warn about dangers on the road, introduce the weather forecast and even amuse the driver by singing for him.

It is planned that the first new technology will be tested by the Geely Icon crossover. Such a SUV may debut as early as 2021.

Earlier, our portal said that Citroen will present a new compact crossover for $ 6,700 in May. The novelty will be produced in India, and it is addressed to flying countries.

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