This is a homemade Ferrari that cost $1000 to build. This is epic 😱🤣!! Thanks to the builders @NHẾT TV 🇻🇳 🙌🙌My New Show – @Car Wars

welcome to the channel supercar blondie let’s get into this oh look at it look at going it even lifts that is epic there are just three guys in vietnam who built this together see that little pull cord that’s how you can start it from the back the engine you can hear is actually from a water pump and they bought it from a local farmer for their homemade ferrari they have some serious talent so they’ve never had any car training whatsoever they’ve just learned everything by themselves the thing is that they claim this car can hit 60 kilometers an hour but because it’s not road legal they can’t actually go out onto public roads and test it so it’s actually made out of fiberglass and composite glue all real wood interior you only get that in the nicest cars this only took them four months to build and it cost them one thousand dollars imagine what they could do with a bigger budget they’re actually not going to sell this car because they want to start building more cars and create a whole homemade supercar collection which is just awesome look at all the detail they put into this this is incredible so their dream is to actually one day work for a supercar company here it is out on the road look at this if you looked at this from afar and you took a quick lens you would actually think this is a ferrari driving through the back streets of vietnam that is freaking cool oh here we go with the lights look at this how cool is that wow well done guys well done that was awesome thank you guys so much for showing us and filming that especially for the supercar blondie channel the guys are called net tv the link to their youtube channel is in the description below this video as well and in other news i’ve just started a whole new youtube channel it’s called car wars it’s with sergi he’s currently editing it right now best channel ever congratulations we have so much fun we upload one video a week on a wednesday love you guys bye

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