Homemade LUAZ was much prohodila original

Homemade LUAZ was much prohodila original


Serial production of the Ukrainian SUV LUAZ is long over, but they still haunt fans of off-road tuning. So, one enthusiast made a SUV “Esaul”, which looks similar to the old LUAZ-969.

Esaul only superficially resembles the famous Ukrainian SUV. In fact, between them is not very much in common.

Homemade SUV was a space frame of high stress, which was done independently. Chassis mounted slightly modified body LUAZ-969.


It should be noted that the “Captain” used components from several vehicles and not only from Loiza. Some of the items actually took from the truck and from the tractor!

So, under the hood is the motor from the Chevrolet Niva. Dampers and springs took a GAZelle and Lada Niva steering gear – u ZIL-130, and the wheel motors made gears from KAMAZ and tractors TT-4.

The result is a SUV with excellent off-road capability. He is able to overcome the serious off-road.

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