Honda 2040: electric only

Honda 2040: electric only


The new president of Honda Toshihiro Mibe yesterday held an “inaugural” press conference. He put the environment and safety at the forefront, pledging “carbon neutrality for all products” and zero fatalities in accidents involving Honda motorcycles and cars by 2050. At the same time, it turned out that the electrification of the model line in the main markets (North America, China, Japan) will take place in stages. In 2030, the share of electric cars and hydrogen cars (EV / FCV) in the total sales volume will be 40%, in 2035 – 80%, in 2040 – 100%.

Europe was never mentioned in Mibe’s speech, as if it did not exist for Honda. Earlier it was reported that European sales of cars with internal combustion engines will stop in 2023. All auto production in the EU has already been phased out. The press conference was captured in a video in Japanese (starts at 58 minutes).

Mibe’s statement came against the backdrop of two events. The battery-powered Honda e hatchback (left) recently took second place in the World Car of the Year competition as the best city car. In Shanghai, the concept Honda SUV e: prototype is currently underway, which will turn into an electric Honda HR-V in the spring of 2022.

Honda sees electrification as a complex and collaborative task. The main hopes are pinned on an alliance with General Motors, which will help launch a series of electric vehicles after 2025 on the new e: Architecture platform, and together with solid-state batteries. Before that, in 2024, the Japanese market will be replenished with a new battery-powered key-car Honda (K-car EV). Research into hydrogen fuel cells will continue, as will the development of driver assistance systems. Honda will invest about ¥ 5 trillion in R&D over the next six years.

In your opinion, is 2040 an adequate period?

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