Honda Accord owners complain about ‘driving anomaly’

Honda Accord owners complain about ‘driving anomaly’


The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has received over a hundred complaints from American Honda Accord owners. The reason was the “steering anomaly”: drivers claim that while driving, the car can spontaneously change the trajectory of movement, without any participation on their part.

NHTSA believes the problem is widespread and may affect 1.1 million copies of 2013-2015 Accords. The National Directorate has launched an investigation into 107 complaints received from car owners and two accidents allegedly due to a “steering anomaly”.

The first case of “steering anomaly” became known back in October 2020. Then the owner of the 2013 Honda Accord contacted NHTSA. He stated that his car “repeatedly turned 90 degrees of its own accord,” and asked to investigate the incident.

NHTSA is currently assessing the magnitude of the problem and the potential security implications. Honda said they are fully cooperating in the investigation.

“We take all matters related to the safety of our vehicles seriously and will continue to work with NHTSA,” a spokesman was quoted as saying. “In parallel, we are conducting our own internal audit.”

If the fact of a massive problem is confirmed, the Japanese brand will have to recall more than a million cars sold in the United States. It is not specified whether the review may affect cars sold in other countries.

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