Honda bikes on dvurychanski? New patent Japanese

Honda bikes on dvurychanski? New patent Japanese


The company has patented technical solution from the Arsenal Tourer Gold Wing.

Modern Honda Gold Wing is equipped with front suspension double-wishbone scheme, not only improves driving comfort, but also allows the geometry of the bike does not change during acceleration and braking. Suspension linkage that makes the behaviour more stable in the long term can appear in other models of the company. It patent image similar systems, integrated into the design are totally different motorcycles — classic CB1100 and molokopodobnogo C125 Super Cub.


Isn’t unusual to see the suspension similar to the BMW Duolever, on the bike, putting in the forefront the style, not handling? However, the image does not mean that the lever diagram appears exactly on the CB1100 – rather, the manufacturer is considering its application on the technique of inline-four cylinder engines.

On C125 Super Cub we see another version of the layout and placement of double-wishbone suspension; in this case, the engine type and its location do not impact the absorber is oriented vertically, and the rear mount of the lower arm is offset relative to the top stronger.

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