Honda cars “stuck” in 2002

Honda cars “stuck” in 2002


The Y2K problem appears to be 22 years late and unexpectedly showed up in some Honda and Acura car models.

The Year 2000 Problem (also known as the Y2K Problem or Y2K Compatibility) is a computer error associated with a miscalculation by software developers released in the 20th century. Some systems used two characters to represent the year in dates, for example, January 1, 1951 was represented as “01/01/51”. On January 1, 2000, with a two-digit year, after 99, the year was 00, which was interpreted by the old programs as 1900. However, the world had prepared in advance for the “2000 problem” and the digital apocalypse did not come. However, 22 years later, a similar error suddenly appeared in Honda and Acura vehicles with a navigation system.

Car owners from different countries complain on thematic forums and even on Reddit that the clocks in the head units of cars on January 1, 2022 began to show the year 2002. The same error popped up in various models from 2004 to 2012 – the same messages are coming from the USA, Canada and the UK. In support of this, photographs of “sent to the past” systems are published. Users note that the error does not affect the operation of navigation devices in any way, but it is not possible to fix it manually. Reconnecting the battery terminal does not help either.

The American representative office of Honda admitted that there is a mistake in the navigators and recommended to wait until August 2022, after which the watch will return itself to the present time. The UK subsidiary was more responsive, announcing that the manufacturer will release a service update for the system that can be installed at dealerships

As noted by Jalopnik, a similar problem has already been encountered. So, on August 16, 2017, the watches of navigators in Honda and Acurah, produced from 1999 to 2004, were reset to 0:00, and the calendars were reset to January 1, 1998. Then it happened again on January 1, 2021. In all cases, the “lost” time was 1024 weeks, which may indicate an error in resetting the starting point for calculating the time in GPS navigators. If Honda does not fix the problem, it is likely to recur in the future.

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