Honda CBR400R: bike for their

Honda CBR400R: bike for their


Honda recently introduced the Honda CBR400R 2020 in Japan. Sorry, this bike is going to sell only in the country of the Rising Sun. It looks very attractive, so could use demand all over the world.

Motorcycle Honda CBR400R 2020 is equipped with a 399-CC engine from the CB400X. On nakede in-line, twin-cylinder unit produces 45 HP of power and probably configured a little differently for the needs of sports bike. In any case, the performance is about the same level.


In developed countries the company supplies Honda CBR500R, which has a larger volume, but performance is about the same.

In fact, Honda CBR400R 2020 is not a brand new bike. It’s more like updating last year’s model, while the changes are minor and mostly relate to the appearance.

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