Honda Civic: he’s no longer a sedan

Honda Civic: he’s no longer a sedan


Honda stops the production of Civic sedan due to low demand. Until the car decided to stop in Japan, where for 2019 was sold for just 1 619 instances of a sedan, while kei-car N-Box has sold a quarter of a million cars.

It is also worth noting that this is not the first time that Honda finishes the sales of Civic in the homeland: the model was removed from the lineup in 2010 and returned with the 10th generation 3 years ago.


The company discontinued sales of the sedan on the Japanese market, but also stops its production. Hatchback and its charged version of the Type R will be imported into the country from Britain to change the next generation, according to “Automotive News”.

Recall that the plant Honda in the British city of Swindon works last year. In addition, in 2021, the Assembly of the Civic sedan will stop in Turkey. Perhaps the company intends to concentrate the production of a family of Civic in the US, where while these models are relatively steady demand.

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