Honda Civic sedan: the production version is shown

Honda Civic sedan: the production version is shown


Despite the fact that the Japanese brand did not officially unveil the production version of the 2022 Honda Civic sedan, the Chinese media have already published a photo of this new product.

Every new vehicle that will be sold in China must obtain permission to use the country’s roads from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In particular, the specialists of the Ministry take pictures of cars, and in some cases they are published on the official website of MIIT even before the car in question is officially presented. This is exactly what happened with the 2022 Honda Civic sedan. At the moment, the Japanese novelty has not been officially presented.

Keep in mind that we are dealing with the Chinese version of the compact sedan, which means that the rest of the world might look a little differently.

At the same time, we have a feeling that Honda has created a single-looking version of the model, and its versions that are intended for different countries will not differ much. The new Civic for the People’s Republic of China is shown here in two separate configurations.

We’re willing to bet that the one with black side mirror housings and a massive spoiler on the trunk lid is the more expensive version of the novelty. You will also notice that it has black wheels and door handles, and different headlights, probably LEDs compared to the regular halogen bulbs in the cheaper model. The ‘240’ badge on the boot lid suggests both have the same engine, but the more expensive trim uses a dual exhaust system, while its smaller sibling has the exhaust hidden under the rear bumper.

Unsurprisingly, the road-going Civic is an exact replica of the prototype unveiled in mid-November last year. There are some minor changes like the addition of fog lights. The interior was not shown in MIIT images, although Honda did partly show it when the prototype was unveiled.

Honda has pledged to unveil a production version of the 2022 Civic in the first quarter of this year, which can only mean we’ll see the sedan before the end of this month.

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    Is the new wagon Honda Accord

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