Honda closes plant in THE UK

Honda closes plant in THE UK


Overloading of UK ports, which caused a shortage of spare parts, forced Honda to temporarily suspend production in Swindon.

According to the BBC news Agency, Honda has suspended production at its factory in Swindon due to transport delays that caused a shortage of spare parts. The Japanese carmaker told its employees that congestion at British ports is causing “delays with transport-related spare parts.” It is reported that “the situation is currently being monitored with a view to resuming production as soon as possible.”

Like most manufacturers, Honda uses a “just in time” production method, in which parts are delivered exactly when they are needed. Alternatively, the company can use air service. Container ports in the UK, including Felixstowe, Southampton and London gate, are reportedly heavily congested. The growing number of consumer orders for Christmas and companies filling the backlog caused by restrictive measures are the main reasons for delays.

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    Is the new wagon Honda Accord

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