Honda develops “wire clutch”

Honda develops “wire clutch”


Honda engineers continue to work hard on new technologies for motorcycles and motorcyclists. The electronic clutch control system is among the developments that are already at the stage of obtaining a patent.

In the original, the system is called “clutch-by-wire” (by analogy with ride-by-wire or brake-by-wire). The idea is to eliminate mechanical clutch control. The electronic system measures the force applied to the lever and then sends a signal to the cylinder, which operates the clutch to engage or disengage. Technology may seem like the next step towards complicating the design of a modern motorcycle and repairing it, but it has its advantages.

The CBW system can lay the foundation for new systems. For example, the electronic throttle control system became the basis for the development of systems such as lunch control, traction control and quickshifter.

Technology can make clutch handling easier. It is possible that all sorts of robots will appear that will imitate the machine. In extreme cases, the electronic system works much more accurately than a person, so the grip will always be smooth and predictable, more comfortable when starting uphill.

Honda has patented several technologies at once. One patent describes a system that mimics the back pressure of a standard clutch everyone is accustomed to.

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