HONDA E vs CORSA-E vs MINI ELECTRIC: Racing EVs around empty Alton Towers

HONDA E vs CORSA-E vs MINI ELECTRIC: Racing EVs around empty Alton Towers


*WARNING* More consumer advice coming your way. This week we’re answering the question: Which is the best EV supermini… for racing around an abandoned theme park in the North of England? Series 29: Geneva Online Motor Show: . ly/TGGMS20​First Look: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

starting at the entrance we’d all race to find a route through alton towers different themed zones aiming to be first to reach the exit near the nemesis ride on the other side of the park however as if this bewildering maze of roads and roller coasters wasn’t enough to contend with the producers had also thrown in a few strategically placed dead ends to keep us guessing and to think all this armed with nothing but a visitors map by gentlemen study your maps because i’m going to take some beating in this bad boy i’m confident on this one lads i’ve got the best handling car i’ve got the most power this is my damn it this is my idea i’ve always wanted to say this gentlemen start your batteries three two one go oh the course is straight off the line do narati got the inside line where’s he going no going left yes yes yes yes yes oh they’ve got the other way they’ve gone the other way oh no it’s a dead end jesus i’m not going that way that’s a barrier right so i want to head up towards the forbidden valley so tactics harissa decided to use his map which was going well this isn’t quite as straightforward as i’d hoped flint’s off meanwhile had decided to blunder from one row block to the next no can’t go that way while i was channeling years of mcginnis family outings this is proper open so is this in the forest this is where i used to get lost as a kid and that meant myself and my little box all were in the lead and already at the first big roller coaster come on come on here we go this this is mud this is this is school boy dream stuff now we’re cooking on gas now we’ve found the route oh which way let’s go for it i’ve got harris how good it is come on harris i’m just gonna fold it yes now we’re cooking up to the actual towers this is the best day out ever so we’d all cleared the first zone and mcginnis is now leading the way around the back of the towers towards what looked like the next stage of the course oh yeah forest that’ll do come on carson is it but this is the problem with racing around a theme park littered with random dead ends what we got down here what have we got down here the way isn’t always obvious even using the map what’s that’s the dark forest that comes to your right oh he’s lost i’m telling you i’m not getting involved in that dark forest where’s he going meanwhile in the dirt forest what’s that that’s rita worshiping for a ride ever that rita the perfect fraunhofer fiendishly tight handling test oh my god where am i irish’s little honda’s gonna love it in here ah i’m after sprint the superior turning circle of the honda really paying dividends now jeez that’s tight good job i’ve got the little mini he’s just so nimble now nearly halfway through the park mcguinness was still clinging on to the lead oh rally stage i like it but the twists and turns of the dark forest because the pack right up and now sprinting down to the next zone come on come on come on come on come on my more powerful mini was dropping harris’s honda no sign of them i’m reeling in the courser oh there is this mcguinness oh thank you last flintshop where’s he going oh is it right now left which way you’re going pad i’m gonna go right jeez it’s a gumball my gosh that’s right that’s right this is not going right now i’ve got completely lost again wickerman left right ball straight up here we go oh this is definitely the wrong way a spinner left for dead by a comedian and a cricketer come on honda 32.8 seconds getting all that valuable time back just seen again if there is come on come on there is now just one zone left between us and the finish line at the exit of the park and charging towards the nemesis to look for the way out it was flintoff that had the lead i do love a minute 180 horsepower not to seconds but feels so much faster it’s so much fun oh my word i might be convinced oh no nemesis whoa there he goes go on the nemesis right which way all this way right enough to use this map nemesis where’s the nemesis okay come on paris nemesis nemesis nemesis is close to the exit oh there we go that’s where i’m providing i’m nearly out why did i not leave the map i’m going the right way i don’t know tight oh exit oh here we go the finish line beginning can i get past it i can’t see anyone oh no come on babe shock it hi chris thank you chris is good absolutely gutted unbelievable unbelievable hi pub wow good effort that’s good effort oh has that happened what what happened you get stuck in a queue queues on the rides

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