Honda E will take care of the owner’s wallet

Honda E will take care of the owner’s wallet


Honda has launched a new “smart” consumer charging service for Honda E owners that uses real-time data to refuel cars with electricity at the most cost-effective time. The UK is the first market to receive this technology before it is rolled out across Europe.

A Japanese company has developed e: Progress in partnership with smart charging company Moixa and electricity supplier Octopus Energy. It is offered as a combined Agile Octopus home / EV rate with vehicle charging via a connected Honda Power Charger S +.

The system is based on Moixa software that updates electricity prices every 30 minutes based on fluctuations in demand and wholesale supply. Honda E owners can use the app to indicate when they need their vehicles to be fully charged, and the software then charges the vehicle as quickly as possible.

Honda claims that this service can save the owner E, who runs almost 12.9 thousand km per year, about 50 thousand rubles per year compared to a fixed energy tariff. Octopus Energy claims that all of its electricity comes from renewable sources.

“We believe there is a need for smart connectivity between EVs and the grid to avoid congestion due to energy demand, and we also believe that in the future it is important for the car manufacturer to add value to EVs through services,” said the head Honda Energy Solutions Jorgen Pluim.

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