Honda electric crossover

Honda electric crossover


Dongfeng Honda joint venture will present the Siming M-NV Sport EV electric crossover at the Guangzhou motor show. The new product is similar in proportions to the x-NV introduced last year, but differs in design and probably richer equipment.

Whether the Siming M-NV Sport EV will replace the X-NV or be sold in parallel with it is still unclear. Chinese media reports that the crossover is equipped with the same 120-kilowatt electric motor (163 horsepower), but the battery parameters and power reserve are unknown. But a well-known battery manufacturer is Jiangsu GSO New Energy Technology Co., founded in 2010.

Like the X-NV, the new M-NV Sport EV is most likely built on the basis of another Honda all-terrain vehicle-the XR-V, a local version of the European subcompact HR-V.

Judging by the photos, the M-NV Sport EV will get fully led optics. Among the options announced are a panoramic roof, crossbars for mounting the trunk on the roof and two wheel options to choose from. The rest of the details are promised to be revealed at the motor show in Guangzhou, which will be held at the end of this month.

“Junior” Siming X-NV is a 120 kilowatt motor and a battery with a capacity of 53.4 kilowatt-hours. The passport power reserve of the crossover for the outdated NEDC cycle is 401 kilometers. For the basic version of the electric car, 169,800 yuan is asked, which is 25,800 dollars at the current exchange rate.

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