Honda forced to send office workers to the conveyor

Honda forced to send office workers to the conveyor


To maintain your plant in the United States in a pandemic COVID-19 and the subsequent shortage of jobs, the Japanese automaker has made a decisive step. Mark is going to move some of your office staff working on the post.

Honda will support its own Assembly plant in the U.S. Marysville. As stated in the report WOSU Public Media, the management of the brand will translate some office workers to new positions directly on the plant conveyor.

This information to the company and confirmed to the journalists of the portal In the official response it was reported that the pandemic is in the early stages, the company faced a temporary shortage of personnel. To support your production needs, Honda will be sent to the factory those employees who normally don’t work. It professionals responsible for purchasing, accounting, and research and development. For the Japanese, this measure is not something new: in the past the company has taken similar steps.


One of the anonymous employees referenced in a foreign publication said that first Honda was looking for in his office the ranks of the volunteers, however willing to work at the factory was not enough. After that the translation process has acquired the status of mandatory.

Recall, quite a large enterprise in Marysville Honda produces a number of Honda and Acura models, among them the Accord and CR-V and Acura TLX and ILX.

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