Honda Grom Minibike (MSX125): 5 speeds and more power

Honda Grom Minibike (MSX125): 5 speeds and more power


Honda has announced the Honda Grom (MSX125) 2021 mini-bike with some cool improvements.

First of all, the bike now meets the Euro5, while producing approximately 10 HP. Air cooling remained, but the Grom 2021 received a 5-speed gearbox. Secondly, there is an IMU system for controlling ABS and other electronic systems. Third, we have updated the design of the motorcycle. A smaller subframe and a narrower saddle are installed, while the seat height has not changed. The led headlight was upgraded, and a transmission indicator and tachometer were added to the LCD instrument cluster.

Plastic (side panels and tank linings) have also been upgraded. The tank now holds a little more fuel.

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