Honda has published the data about prices for the updated Civic Type R 2019

Honda has published the data about prices for the updated Civic Type R 2019

According to official data, the Japanese high-performance version of the Honda Civic Type R of new generation will receive a minimum price tag of $ 230 37. Prices are fair for the automotive market of the United States.

A few minutes ago press service of the North American offices of the company Honda has published data on the prices of the new generation of “charged” hatchback Honda Civic Type R. the Initial version of the long-awaited novelties valued at 37 us $ 230. I note that the predecessor model 2017 model year was available at a starting price of 34 775 dollars.

Thus, a difference of nearly $ 2,500.

Under the hood of the “charged” hatchback Honda Civic Type R new generation is the same 2.0-liter turbocharged power unit capacity of 306 HP (400 Nm), which is connected with a 6-speed manual transmission with auto-negotiation speed of the motor. All the torque is transmitted to the front axle. The machine is available with adjustable suspension – three modes are available.

Last year Honda announced that the Civic Type R 2019 model year receives more standard equipment, including the Display Audio with physical buttons, a volume knob and improved Bluetooth. Honda has also updated the buttons on the steering wheel, adding a new indicator on the Parking brake. The more powerful Civic also received a large cupholders, and models equipped with dual-zone automatic climate control, get physical buttons fan speed.

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