Honda has revealed several details about the new electric car

Honda has revealed several details about the new electric car


Honda has confirmed that a new electric citicar e Honda will be equipped with lithium-ion battery capacity of 36 kW, providing a mileage of over 200 km.


The company revealed several details about the new electric car and its battery. So, battery is located in the center of the floor of the vehicle to provide a weight distribution of 50:50, which should help in the management of the rear-wheel drive model. He is also cooled by water to ensure optimal operating temperature and therefore to ensure the highest mileage.

Honda claims that its new electric car can be recharged using a conventional charger or AC plug for fast charging from DC CCS2 (the promised 80% charge in 30 minutes).

You can order e now Honda, the production version will be presented ??at the end of 2019, but a few months after that the car will appear at dealers. The brand also confirmed the range of colors: in addition to pearly white, which we have already seen, to the colors will include lime green and Navy blue.

General Manager of Honda Europe for the automotive industry Jean-Marc Streng added that more than 31,000 people in Europe pre-orders for the model.

While the concept of Urban EV differed giant wheels with multiple spokes, the production car has a more modest drives. 17-inch wheels e Prototype made on special order. They are an option on cars top performance; 16-e will be standard. They still have a relatively wide, by the standards of the car, the tires, which makes the citicar a certain sportiness.

About the price of new official information yet, but the company said that Honda do not be cheap. Given the power reserve model, it turns out that the electric car will be more expensive than Japanese competitors, whose range on a single battery charge much more. The company suggests that the car is equipped with much better — sitikar got cameras instead of mirrors and a giant dual 12.3-inch touch screens.


“This is a unique offer. You look at technology, especially in the interior of the car, and it puts it on a premium level. Given these characteristics, it will be important. Innovation and confidence: this vehicle gets Honda back where it should be,” says head of Honda UK, Phil Webb.

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