Honda has updated its motorcycle CB500

Honda has updated its motorcycle CB500


Honda last updated the CB500 line of motorcycles 2 years ago. Then the manufacturer improved the characteristics of the engine and slightly redesigned the appearance of the bikes. A number of models have also been expanded with a suspension adjustment function and a digital instrument panel. But now Honda is once again looking to update the CB500 lineup to meet Euro 5 standards.

According to the latest information, motorcycle upgrades will be completed by 2022. Then the Honda CB500 family will enter the market. So far, the Japanese manufacturer has not disclosed any details about the new products. There are not even photos from the test tests. But sources say that as part of the planned modernization, the chassis will be improved, and dual brake discs will be installed in the front.

To do this, Honda engineers will have to redesign the hub and wheel. Also, motorcycles will receive a new exhaust system. Perhaps Honda will borrow some of the solutions from earlier models. In particular, the upcoming CB500 may have a 320mm brake disc. It is expected to be installed on the CB500X.

A number of sources report that the weight of the motorcycle after the planned modernization will increase by 2 kilograms. This will be partly due to the increase in the volume of the fuel tank, which will reach 17.7 liters. The length and height of the entire motorcycle family will remain unchanged. But the width of the CBR500R and CB500X will increase by 5 mm, the CB500F by 10 mm. This is largely due to the change in the shape of the handles. Due to the fact that, as part of the modernization, the manufacturer will make point changes, a significant increase in the price of the entire family of motorcycles should not be expected. However, as noted earlier, Honda may want to tweak the engine. In this case, motorcycles will rise in price more significantly.

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    Is the new wagon Honda Accord

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