Honda introduced a new curandero CRF1100L Africa Twin

Honda introduced a new curandero CRF1100L Africa Twin


The Japanese decided not to wait any Tokyo motor show or EICMA Milan exhibition, and has unveiled an upgraded bike.

New “Africa” which, as expected, changed the index in connection with the increased volume of the engine, looks sleeker and faster. For good reason – it is lighter by 5 kg (curb weight – 226-236 kg depending on the type of transmission), and received numerous improvements. But about all under the order.


Inline two-cylinder engine, adapted ekologicheskii the Euro 5 standard has grown in volume with up to 998 1084 “cubes”. The cylinder diameter remained unchanged (92 mm), while stroke was stretched from 75.1 to 81.5 mm. in addition, fully modified cylinder head. In particular, the increased lift height of the valves and applied the throttle with a larger diameter. It is also interesting that the engine agregatiruetsya with a manual transmission, easier on 2.5 kg (66.4 kg), and with double clutch “robot” DCT – 2.2 kg (74,9 lbs).

However, the end user is likely more important parameters of the impact. Here, Africa can boast increase power and torque by 7% and 6% respectively. Now in the asset of curandero 102 HP at 7500 rpm and 105 Nm at 6250 rpm.

The engine installed in a modified frame, “thinner”, 1.8 kg. of Aluminum “bolt-on” subframe, narrowed by 40 mm for ease of passenger boarding, replaced integrated steel section. New aluminum pendulum was 500 grams lighter than the old one, it looks like the one that is placed on cressac CRF450R. The wheelbase is the same (1575 mm), ground clearance – 250 mm. Front 45-millimeter Showa fork, rear monoshock (stroke is 230 mm and 220 mm, respectively).

Africa has made progress on electronic support systems. Inertial sensor IMU operates not only the seven-level protivopolojnoe system, but other assistants, among whom three-level wheelie control and anti-lock brake system, operating in the slope. The choice of modes of movement had Urban settings, Tour and Gravel, added a new Off-Road.


The equipment includes a 6.5-inch colour TFT instrument panel and svetodiodnye daytime running lights, in addition, under the lights version of the Adventure Sports section located to illuminate the path in turn.

Special attention is given modification of extreme Adventure Sports. The availability of electronic assistants, it is similar to the basic model and the set of options includes an electronically suspension Showa EERA (Electronically Equipped Ride Adjustment). According to published data, the volume of the fuel tank grew from 24.2 to 24.8 L.

How do you like the new “Africa”?

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    Is the new wagon Honda Accord

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