Honda introduced the latest security system

Honda introduced the latest security system


The Japanese automaker has unveiled the Honda SENSING 360 safety and driver assistance system, which can eliminate blind spots for the driver and help prevent accidents.

It is reported that the Honda SENSING 360 complex is capable of monitoring the space not only in front of the car, but also behind it, as well as in all directions – 360 degrees.

The Honda SENSING 360 system will be installed on cars for the Chinese market from 2022, and by 2030 this safety complex should appear on all models of the brand that are offered in the main Honda markets around the world.

Honda is committed to zeroing the number of road accidents in the world, as expressed in the company’s slogan “Safety for everyone”. The Honda SENSING Driver Assistance and Safety System was introduced in 2014 and has been expanding ever since.

The newest Honda SENSING 360 system is able to control the space around the car – 360 degrees. The current SENSING technology uses a monocular camera, and the SENSING 360 version has a total of five radars that are installed in each corner of the vehicle. The new complex is capable of eliminating all blind spots, thus avoiding collisions with other cars or pedestrians. In developing the SENSING 360, Honda has drawn on all the experience it has gained from its Level 3 autonomous driving technology.

The automaker is committed to ensuring that there are no fatal accidents involving Honda motorcycles and cars in the world by 2050.

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