Honda is developing a superbike with a monoshassi

Honda is developing a superbike with a monoshassi


The concept of mono-frame was invented a long time ago, but this technology has not received such widespread use, except in the sports segment. Honda has been developing this concept since the early 2000s.

In 2004, Honda released the advanced Honda CBR1000RR superbike, which had an engine as the main body of the chassis. At that time, the motorcycle was a real beast. Continuing in the same direction, the Japanese believe that more can be squeezed out now, and this is due to fewer moving parts.

In the new patent, the four-cylinder engine is attached to a one-piece front section and similar rear section. At the same time, the electronics box and batteries are installed behind the steering wheel to balance the weight. On the Honda CBR1000RR you might have seen something similar, so today you won’t be surprised at the idea of ​​making the motor an integrated chassis component. More noteworthy here is the idea of ​​multitasking saddle and tank. Honda engineers have tried to create a one-piece front section that extends down to the lower spoiler. In fact, the motorcycle consists of only three puzzles – very simple.

At the rear, two alloy sections compress the gearbox and serve as a mount for the swingarm and shock absorber. The tail is literally attached to the front and serves as both a tank and a cantilever saddle. The air box is installed in the usual location of the tank. You can see 14,000 rpm on the tachometer.

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