Honda is preparing a projection display for motorcycles

Honda is preparing a projection display for motorcycles


The company has patented technical solutions that can be applied to different technology classes.

Projection displays are used for decades on cars and has long been no surprise. But on motorbikes you will not meet them – the amount and flow of information, which provide digital instrument panel, is rapidly displacing analog, seems to be sufficient. However, Honda thought about the head-up display and patented technology.


As seen in the images, the information hints can be floated before the eyes of the pilot of curandero Africa Twin and sportbike type CBR500R. Moreover, in the second case the readings (speed, fuel level and navigation hints) can be projected as the area of Mitrovica and fuel tank.

But it’s not the most amazing – finds himself in the company sees the opportunity to make the picture a touch, with the ability to move it through tactile contact. It is possible that the technology will be introduced in the foreseeable future.

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