Honda Jazz 2020: and how now to be retired?

Honda Jazz 2020: and how now to be retired?


You stand in a traffic jam, thinking about the high, but the thought persists in returning to the corruptibility of existence: “I wish there was less waste in the city!… I wish I didn’t have to play around with a good Parking spot again…. If only there were a little more space in the cabin, but we still have a lot of things to move!.. That would be magic.” And then Merlin (or Harry Potter, or Wonder woman; that’s who you like better) appears around the corner, smiling slyly (because what are they supposed to do here on FineAuto?). He comes up and whispers: “My dear, think of the Honda Jazz. And all wishes can be fulfilled.”

Of course, such suspicious individuals will not tell you about the shortcomings of this car (but we will tell you in our test). Because these disadvantages also exist. The price, for example, by the standards of B-class, is quite a lot. Yes, and the appearance of Jazz – on the Amateur (although, however, the appearance of the car is always “on the Amateur”).

Enjoy watching it!

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