Honda N-One ‘breaks’ market

Honda N-One ‘breaks’ market


On November 21, 2020, sales of the new, second-generation Honda N-One key car (code – JG3/4) began in Japan. Since then, 8 thousand consumers have ordered a car in Japan, which is four times higher than the previously set sales plan – 2 thousand cars per month.

The second-generation N-One was introduced in September. Visually, the car does not differ much from its predecessor, which was produced in 2012-2020. The easiest way to identify it is by the new led lighting and bumpers.

Inside the Honda N-One 2021-minimalistic style, reduced the number of physical buttons. This was made possible by the larger screen of the infotainment system. Honda also abandoned the front bench: previously, the seats had a single cushion, and when the Central armrest was raised, a wide sofa was formed. Two standard separate seats are now used for better lateral support.

The key car is still equipped with a 0.66-liter engine in atmospheric and turbocharged versions. The maximum power is traditionally limited to 64 HP. At the same time, the second generation has a choice of transmissions: if previously only the CVT was offered, now there is also a “mechanics”.

34% of buyers choose the N-One in the basic Original configuration. Premium accounts for 19% of sales, Premium Tourer – 18%, RS-29%.

The basic price of the Honda N-One in Japan is 1,599,400 yen.

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