Honda Navi: supermoto with a variator in scale 1:2

Honda Navi: supermoto with a variator in scale 1:2


The Japanese company presented a new model of 2022 – a scooter made in the style of a supermoto.

At first glance, it seems that this is another version of the legendary “Honda” MSX125 Grom. But no, this is an independent model – the Honda Navi is actually a scooter made in the style of “Thunder”. Unlike MSX125, “Navi” is equipped not with a five-speed “mechanics”, but with the usual scooter variator.

The Honda Navi 2022 engine is a four-stroke air-cooled “single barrel” with a displacement of 109.2 cubic meters. see. Despite the fact that 2022 is on the way, the carburetor prepares the fuel-air mixture for this motor! But the declared fuel consumption is about 2 liters per 100 km of run. Not bad with a curb weight of about 107 kg.

The chassis of the Honda Navi also comes from the last century. There are no “shifters” or disc brakes here: the front suspension of the “Navi” is a “crowbar” with springs, and old-school “drums” are used to slow the scooter both in front and in the back. Amazing right? But the price is appropriate: in the American market, the Honda Navi 110 will be sold for only 1807 dollars, which is equivalent to about 131 thousand rubles.

Yes, did you also notice the incomprehensible black block in the place where the engine is usually located on motorcycles? Don’t worry about guessing: this is a luggage capacity. Moreover, it is lockable.

The scooter will be available in four colors: deep green (almost British Racing Green!), Honda red, taupe and acid green. Honda Navi sales in the US will begin soon.

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  • Felix CintronNovember 3, 2021 23:21

    Is the new wagon Honda Accord

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